You don?t want users!

The Internet, with users as the focus of our attention, has come to an end. Or should have. We have spent too long wasting too much energy and effort to satisfy an ungrateful and unfaithful user. The focus cannot continue to be the user, and should be diverted from him/her to convertibility. Convertibility into clients.

Pure online marketing as an art and science to turn users into clients has experienced a rebirth, where usability is a necessary discipline, but to a lesser degree; where the core of our energy is placed solely on seductiveness. It?s time to convince, persuade and sell. Of being more aggressive in our approach and encouraging the user visiting us online to browse from one page to another until we turn him into the much-awaited client. Persuadability is born.

Persuadability understood as ?the (persuasive) capacity of an online presence to lead the user to take action and become a subscriber, lead or client. A discipline which internalises the desires, the rational and emotional needs, the momentum of the surfer, our value-related proposal and the best of our online marketing strategies within a whole, using real-time measurement to monitor our conversion ratios and allow us to ?fine tune? as part of a process of continuous improvement of our persuadability.

As a result of this, we here at Multiplica promise to speak out loud and clear through this blog.

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