My name is copy and I work on the Internet

My main objective is to get users to take the actions that the companies who hire us want them to. Using persuasive texts. I?m not alone in this. I am just one cog in the wheels. I work alongside design, information architecture, marketing? Then along comes programming which puts it all together.

What exactly do I do?

  1. I create a voice and personality which sound strong and powerful to the users.

  2. I do everything I can to get them to look upon me as a friend.

  3. I gain their trust, respect and attention. I reduce distances.

  4. I guide and push them to take actions which provide a return for our clients.

  5. After the sale is made, I carry on caring for and spoiling them. To get them to do it all over again.

I do all this in as few lines as possible, all of which should seem relevant. With a global vision of people and web scenarios, of the micro-objectives of each page, of the psychological momentum of the user and the type of product or service.

I am a salesperson who writes with the best intentions in the world.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles