Atom is to material as conversion is to persuadability

How can we know whether persuadability, as a method for leading the user to take action, is successful? Taking measurements is the answer.

Let us imagine that we are mad scientists, anxious to discover what persuadability is made of, to find out what the smallest, indivisible unit of it is.

There is no doubt that it is conversion.

Once the particle has been discovered, the scientists start to discuss how to define it. One possible definition might be:

– Conversion is the number of people who complete a desired action.

The term ?desired action? means any kind of event which adds value, both for the buyer and the company. It might be a subscription, a sale, a download, etc.

After lengthy discussions, the scientists would reach a consensus about how to define it.

At the same time, research would come up with a new and surprising finding: there are even smaller elements than conversion!!!

Conversion occurs when a user performs the action that we wanted him to, but each of the steps he takes on the road to the objective could also be understood as a small conversion.

The scientists, when they discover how true this is, would decide to redefine the concept of conversion as follows:

– Each step on the road to the target is a conversion

At this point, two schools of knowledge might develop: the ones who make a distinction between micro and macro conversions and the ones who believe that they are one and the same thing.

Could they discover even smaller elements within persuadability?

I shall give a mad scientist?s response: I?ll carry on investigating.

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