Different purchasers. Different purchasing experiences.

The term ?persuadability? needs to be understood from a clear comprehension of how users to whom a specific online presence is directed tend to behave. But, most of all, from the perspective of the scenarios/purchasers that the site has. Internalisation is the key element to the creation of satisfactory purchasing experiences which respond to specific, particular needs.

This seems to be the link which is still missing in businesses which are starting to move a lot of money over the Internet, such as the travel sector, which had a turnover of more than 1.8 billion euros in Spain in 2004 and expects to double this figure this year, and intends, within 3 years, to cover 25% of all purchases made every year.

And the fact is that if we analyse the very different websites where we can find cheap prices for travel this summer, such as Vueling.com, TerminalA.com, Atrapalo.com, Lastminute.es or eDreams.es, they all forget that there may be potential buyers out there ? and I promise you, there are more and more of us every day ? who don?t know exactly where they want to go on their next trip and may even be lucky enough to have highly-flexible dates for the outbound and inbound dates. Well, until somebody sorts this out, we have to keep trying combinations of destinations and dates until we find a flight economically interesting enough to induce us to purchase it online.

Shouldn?t online agencies directed at a highly price-sensitive target audience understand how important it is to make the search for tickets or package holidays as easy as possible, limited only by the depth of the potential purchaser?s pockets?

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles