The 10 ages of online copy

As far as I am concerned, the evolution of a webpage goes something like this:

  1. ?I need someone to fill the blank spaces with writing?
  2. ?Copy it from our brochure?.

  3. ?We?ve got spelling mistakes on our webpage.  We can?t have that!?

  4. ?Our web page ought to express our company?s personality. Get the CEO to speak?.

  5. ?We need to create a community so that the users can fill in the blank spaces and save us the effort?.

  6. ?We can add value-related content by buying articles from a content company which knows nothing about our business or users?.

  7. ?Hire a journalist to maintain the website. It is Marketing?s responsibility and shouldn?t require resources?.

  8. ?Our web page ought to express our company?s personality. Get Marketing to speak?.

  9. ?What kind of content will help us sell more? What words should we be using? Talk to Marketing?.

  10. ?We need to reach the heart of the user, to get him/her to act on our webpage. Talk to Copy?.

Text has three functions: orientar, informar y persuadir [to guide, inform and persuade]. All three are necessary. The third one, persuasion, is still almost unknown.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles