From home page to home pages? a game of snakes and ladders

I am starting to feel that we will soon stop referring to ?THE home page? and start referring to ?home pageS? in plural. Because there is not much sense in having a single home page when we need to respond to users with different perceptions, knowledge and information requirements.  We need to cover users who are visiting us for the first time, users who have visited us in the past or clients for our product and service.

A system of cookies should help us make a distinction between them easily and help us explain different things in each case.

  • Because the new user needs a much more basic and simple presentation where we can show him/her in a few seconds (no more than 8) what we do and what makes us different. Especially the one who is attracted by a communication item, adwords or search engine, where we must contextualise the web page he/she lands on as fulfilling the promise made in the advertisement.

  • The repeat user does not need to know what we do.  Here we need to focus much more on the specific advantages of our products and services.

  • And then there is the client.  He is much more focussed on finding specific information, so the website needs to be much more functional and effective.

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