The treacherous search engine? Yes, I?m talking to YOU!

Because you made me think that you would make me a better person. That you were easier to use. That you were more usable. That you would give people the ability to find what they were looking for quickly.

It would appear that the opposite is true.  According to Jared Spool of UIE, expert in usability, on average the use of an internal search engine on a webpage can reduce the possibility of a user finding what he was looking for to less than fifty percent.

I thought you were persuasive, but you, you traitor, according to 72% of the 25 main American e-commerce sites ? according to 37 signals – you ignore mis-spellings, 68% do not allow users to filter the results, 64% are incapable of giving an answer to combinations of words, 56% cannot manage synonyms or related concepts, 56% merely give ?0 results? when they cannot find anything and then give no help or suggestions.

So, I promise not to use you on the websites I create, unless you are absolutely necessary and can really guarantee that you will increase (and not reduce) the persuadability of my online presence.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles