Credibility, a prerequisite for any strategy on persuasion

Persuadability is the result of many, different factors. One of them, obviously, is the credibility that the sites that we visit gains or loses on each of the pages we view.

We can start winning the battle for credibility with the website design. That is, if we are to believe the study by the Stanford Web Credibility Research, which indicates that the look & feel is the concept which most influences credibility, according to 46.1% of the people interviewed.

But beyond a professional design which generates trust and shows our experience, what other elements can make our website more credible?

1. A figure is worth more than a thousand words: argue the value on offer from the data standpoint, rather than using words. Offer comparable and provable figures which show how good you are and how your products and services are the best anyone has to offer. 

2. Add names and faces: Adding client testimonials, objective, third-party opinions, being able to see the faces of the people behind the project, the list of clients who have placed their trust in us, providing a contact telephone number at all times, using ?real? images with human faces? all this will condition the trust we inspire.  

3. Transparency of information: give a clear explanation of the organisation?s aims, the price of the products and services, policies on returns and confidentiality, and what happens if? 

4. Focus, brand and recognition: Applying the ?Less is more? principle to the website is really important. Websites couched in general terms, companies which do not specialise in anything specific and which do not play on their brand name are not as credible. The brand name is relevant for generating trust and needs to be nursed, both on and off the website.  

5. Secure and error-free: Avoid errors on the website (dead-end links, search engines which do not produce results, out-of-date content?) and state that you comply fully with all security requisites (digital certificates, secure systems?).  These are absolutely necessary if you want to gain credibility.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles