Persuadability for downsizing

So far, we have been talking of persuadability as if it were the formula to help us add to a magic figure, be it sales, registrations, contacts, number of accesses? But? could we also look upon the term ?persuadability? as something designed to reduce other figures such as expenses, fraudulent contacts or a company?s management timeframes?

At the end of the day, the ultimate objective of any company is to get the balance between profit and loss to come down on the side of the former, and as a result we must focus both on selling more and on spending less.

This simple idea opens up a new route map for persuadability where not only do we have to convince the user and facilitate the purchase process, but also encourage him/her to participate, give us ideas to help us improve how the company works, improve its brands, products and services.

In this sense, a result in the sense that ?we have managed to sell 20% more over the Internet? is as important as ?400 people have given opinions on our products over the Internet, and as a result we have saved 10% on market research?,

But in order to work on this new field, not only do we have to ?fine tune? our website (copy, design, online marketing strategies, browsing or measurement), but also take it further and start to ?fine tune? the company?s attitude towards the Internet.

And now the question we have to ask ourselves is: Where do we start? This deserves a separate posting. Coming soon.

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