Comparisons are odious? but necessary

Not having the numbers for your own webpage is the same as trying to manage a business blind. But let?s assume that you have them. Once we have got over this hurdle, we may be gripped by another fear: What sort of figures am I getting? Are they high? Low? Moderate?

At this point the solution is being able to compare yourself against a benchmark, or ideally against the competition. We all know how difficult it is to get information on the competition, and even more so when it comes to the development of their business.

Getting numbers from the competition

These numbers, zealously guarded, only see the light of day through consultants like Forrester, but disguised and added to research work so that no-one can discover the first and second names of the proprietors.

Although statistically not very accurate, Alexa can be useful to observe the development of the traffic on your webpage and those of the competition.


But let?s focus on Persuadability: aren?t we already working with conversions?
And if it was difficult getting absolute figures, how can we find out what others? conversion rates are?

Fortunately, there are sources for this, too. The E-tailing Group periodically conducts research with a section where 250 companies doing e-commerce refer to their conversion ratios.

With the Internet, waiting a whole year to get these figures may be too long, or the scenario might have changed radically. The ideal thing would be to obtain real-time conversion ratios, separated into different segments. Does such a thing exist?

It does, and this wondrous gift comes from a North American Web analysis company: Fireclick. Through the Fireclick Index the user can access a comparison of multiple conversion ratios in real-time, with the possibility of choosing the segment of interest to us.

Now we have what we were looking for, so what is our handicap? The usual one: we are comparing ourselves against an ideal, the US market, but this is a different kettle of fish entirely.

Let?s take these indicators as maximums. Anyone capable of doing better should set themselves up as a shining example.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles