Landing pages: if you don?t yet love them, you ought to

Lots of times we design the website supposing that the user will access it from the home page. But what happens if he/she doesn?t? Will we know how to get his attention in little more than 8 seconds and make the user see that he/she has reached the right page and should not click on the ?back? button?

On many websites, more than 75% of all visits are directed by search engines without ever needing to go through our home page.

Given this scenario, How do these pages catch the attention, the interest, arouse desire and call the user to action?

10 pieces of advice:

1. Make it clear who we are and why the user should trust us.
2. Avoid putting key information where the user needs to scroll to find it.
3. Make calls to action absolutely visible.
4. Make hypertext links as concise as possible.
5. Limit surfing and the possibilities for making a decision.
6. Use the same words (in the copy) that attract the largest number of users.
7. Use words that goad into action.
8. Design a look & feel which evokes confidence and reliability.
9. Make good use of the images of our products and services (preferably on the left, with clear, concise text to the right of them).
10. Less is more: simplify, simplify, simplify.

To improve the convertibility of our online presence we need to think more about the impact of the pages which allow the user to access our online presence from search engines when we sit down to design and develop them.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles