Creating a sense of urgency

Creating a feeling of urgency when shopping is ? from a psychological perspective ? one of the most fascinating issues when it comes to significantly improving the persuadability of our presence.

We need, then, to work on two main areas:

  • Expiry, putting a time limit on the conditions we offer when marketing a certain product. Including offers with an expiry date, like Dell has repeatedly shown us, is a perfect formula for exerting pressure when selling. The Christmas period also provides some choice examples of marketing, such as Chef?s who motivates its customers with special promotions, such as free delivery charges if we place our orders, in this case, before 12 December.
  • Limited numbers, showing that the product in question may disappear in a few minutes if we do not decide to buy quickly. A good example of this is the flight search service Rumbo which reminds us how many seats are available on a particular flight. This is sufficient, when there are only a few left, to make us decide to buy. Other forms of this are reserving the flights offered for 10 or 15 minutes, or the possibility, on some flights, of making reservations for a few hours (maybe even a day) if I provide my contact details.

Over the next few weeks we shall be seeing new forms which supersede expiry or limited numbers as elements for creating a sense of urgency in the minds of our web surfers.

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