How can I help you?

It is always a pleasure to read Sean D’Souza of PsycoTactics because over and over again ? in articles like Is Your Website Asleep? or The Secret Marketing Motivators Of Weight Watchers ? he reminds us that the main obstacle to persuading people is always the huge problem of communication which occurs between the online presence we create from our own perspective (where we try to give a clear explanation of what we do) and the presences we ought to be creating from our users? perspective (where, based on their requirements, we explain clearly how we ? better than anyone else ? can respond to these specific requirements).

The need to develop a dialogue ? so often translated in the real world as ?How can I help you?? – once online, ends up turning into a monologue in which we are only interested in reminding our user that we are this, that or the other. Although of course, we are the best.

If the average user is going to give us a few seconds the first time he accesses our web page, should we not try to interiorise the need to understand what the user needs (or what he would like to have or find) right from the start? Here are a few who already know how to do this. The Ladders , a top-notch recruiting agency ? clearly and forcefully explains its USP (unique selling proposition) from the point of view of needs and desires: Looking for your next $100k+ Job? My answer: Yes. I want to learn more about how you can help me find it.

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