Persuadability and setting things to music

Yes, that?s right.  Setting things to music.  ?But what does setting things to music have to do with a website?s potential to convert more and in a better way?? you are probably wondering.  Well, I think they have a lot in common. Setting things to music, understood as having a musical, pleasant or harmonious quality, can be carried over to the world of persuadability, like the quality of a website which helps users to flow through all its pages.

There are many online presences which flaunt the most basic rules of turning setting things to music into persuadability. And over and over again they encourage their users to give up. Something that needs to be relegated to history is registration, because surfers don?t want to register: they want to buy a product, bet online or access certain content. And making registration a requirement at some point may make a few of them do a double-take. That is why we need to run a mile from approaches like the Kukuxumuzu online T-shirt shop or online betting services like Miapuesta  or Interapuesta. They make registration an unnecessary requirement, when it should be implicit and appear linearly during the purchasing experience.

Presences like la Caixa  or the real-estate company  Sasi do not understand that, behind good product information there need to be clear bugle-calls to action which will make our online presences much more musical.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles