In the blink of an eye

The Internet in the blink of an eye referred to in a study conducted by Gitte Lindgaard from Carleton University, recently published in Nature under the title Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye (payment required) is a fallacy.

The article attempts to prove that users only need 50 ms (one twentieth of one whole, great, big second) to get an impression of a webpage. Would you like to check it out? Click here . Howzat? Do you still think the study is credible?

I have a very firm opinion on that one. The experiment needs to last 500 ms for a user even to begin to form an opinion about an online presence. And it would probably be inaccurate, because we would tend to get carried away more by the visuals than the functional parts.

In any case, and referring to a fascinating book I am currently reading – ?Blink? by Malcolm Glandwell – about the importance of our unconscious mind and our more intuitive intelligence, we need to check out the new online presences we design and make them ?blink?-proof.  Even if it takes a bit more than a second.

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