NEWAIDA and the vendor that marketing needed

Reading ?Does your marketing sell??by Ian Moore  has changed the way I look at advertising. Or at least a large chunk of it. With a fascinating book, full of examples and advice, he has decided to reinvent one of the most popular concepts of marketing AIDA (Attention, interest, desire and action). Because the truth of the matter is that marketing is suffering from an excess of seduction and branding and a lack of salespersons.

All good salespersons, before starting a sale which needs to go through the AIDA stages, has comprehended how important it is to know what one is hoping to get from the future client at all times (Navigation), the ease with which the user perceives the purchasing process (Ease) and the language the client needs to generate empathy with him (Wording), thus getting his Attention, generating Interest, arousing Desire and getting a ?yes? ? an Action.


leads us to square up to any part of communication (our online presence, as well) being fully aware of:

–     the importance of making it clear at all times ? on every page ? what reaction and action we hope the user will have and make it clear, explicit and conclusive (let navigation lead design) (1)

–     the importance of proposing a flow of action using a simple and clear action, solving and responding at all times to all the obstacles in the way of the purchase (2),

–     the importance of establishing a dialogue ? a conversation from the user and his requirements, in a friendly, direct tone and in a language which clicks in our brains and lead us to the second step of the process: traditional AIDA (3).


Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles