Click-to-call; it couldn?t be easier

The arrival of ?click-to-call? applications ? through which the user gets a free telephone call simply by leaving his/her number via the web (see the example of Verizon) ? promises to change the panorama of the Internet the world over very soon now, particularly since the all-powerful Google has conducted its very first tests.

If we are referring to persuadability, we will soon find ourselves compelled to experiment with the functions that companies like Jambo, eStara, VoiceStar or Ingenio  have been offering for some time now and which promise to increase our sales (on its website, eStara refers to up to 45%) and significantly reduce the ratio of people abandoning our online presence.

Click-to-call (as a source of revenue for advertisement or search-engine websites) also wants to exploit the business of pay-per-click to a greater extent by applying a monetary value to each call, such as $8 in trips, $20 in surgical procedures or $35 in mortgages. These figures represent a huge leap up from the average of $1.43 per click obtained in 2005 (according to Fathom Online?s index) and which have led the Kelsey Group to estimate that by 2010 the ?pie? will be worth more than $3.7 billion.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles