Relevant creative values when drafting online texts

Persuadability requires good writing. And to write well is to write functionally, always with the intention of communicating with the reader. If we want to optimise the usefulness of our web texts as much as possible, we should look at them as flexibly as possible, attempting to take as much advantage as possible from all those qualities that we learn from other areas of persuasive communication.

1.- Intimacy. The dictionary defines it as an intimate, spiritual area, reserved for a person or a group. It is one of the web?s special qualities, only found before with radio. The person next to the window, looking at the Net where everyone is connected and shares things. It is what the Internet provides, its special quality.

Something we need and which we often lack in our daily lives. It is the Net that covers this need for communication, being a means of communication par excellence.

2.- Functionality. Or the art of straightening things up as much as possible.

3.- Attention to detail. And appreciating everything, no matter how small or how simple. Every word, every full stop and every aspect of the way we express ourselves, or the aspect of the typeface (bold type, italics, paragraph placement?) is just one more piece in the higher-level jigsaw of what the final text will be.

4.- Simplicity. Subject, verb, predicate. Nothing more. The web needs us to write in a formal tone. In general terms, most websites need nothing more than to reduce the number of subordinate clauses, gerunds and participles. And for us to write the way we think, not how we speak. Straightforward simplicity, with no creative noise.

The particular halo that electronic words trail is what makes simplicity so valid; the fact that a single phrase will lead us to do something online which physically limited us in time and space.

5.- Immediate effect. Understood as the speed with which things are offered to us on the web. Offering registration as quickly as possible, to achieve a conversion.

6.- Communicability: clarity, simplicity, conciseness. A key rule for evaluating whether a website text has been written properly.

7.-  Drafting text in a direct style. Imperatives and mentioning what we are talking about, what we are offering and what the user needs to do to achieve conversion as soon as possible.

A direct style makes the user sympathetic towards us. Symbolic words like ?contact? make us trust that there is someone on the other end of the line.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles