Google and online metrics

Everything Google touches it turns into gold, and yet it is free for the user. Now it has decided to revolutionise the online metrics business by purchasing the webtracking solution Urchin (which many Fortune 500 companies use), which it has renamed Google Analytics and made free so that we can all use this powerful tool to see what our users do with our website in a simple fashion (in true Google style), for all kinds of webs, where we can see behaviours and conversions easily, integrated with Adwords, very graphic and with markers (instead of logs).

The leader, WebTrends, is quaking in its shoes, seeing its dominant position endangered on a market exceeding 463 million dollars last year and which will reach 565 million this year. Invitations are being handed out on a limited basis at the moment, but everything seems to indicate that after the summer there will be no restrictions to installing Google Analytics and everyone will be able to enjoy this complete tool absolutely free of charge.

Tools like Coremetrics, Web Side Story or Click Tracks need to offer outstanding functions to differentiate themselves and justify a company paying the licence fees they charge. Conclusion: a clear benefit for the business of online metrics and for the Internet, because companies no longer have an excuse for not knowing what is happening with their online presences. And I am proud to say that our Metriplica e-metrics division has been chosen as one of just 20 companies in the world able to implement Google Analytics officially.

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