People like persuadability (a lot)

This is the conclusion I have reached from the feedback from the companies who have passed through our classrooms. We have been able to share more than 150 improvements and items of advice to increase the convertibility of an online presence.

We have taught a course for the Internet teams of different companies and institutions, and we have received several calls from all over Spain to repeat the course.

Specifically, with the ICEMD on 16 May in Barcelona and 30 May in Madrid, and Infonomia (with a more reduced version) on 15 June in Barcelona, we are offering you the chance to learn the ins and outs of online conversion and persuasion.

There we shall see:

  • How to encourage visits from one page to another until we have turned the visitor into a customer. The creation of online presences oriented towards action on each page.
    The keys to success in maximising the conversion rate of your online presence.
  • How to put pressure on the user to take a decision.
  • Writing for people, a key element of persuadability.
  • Design as a guarantee of ensured convertibility.
  • And how to perform real-time monitoring of the most important metrics.

You have been warned! J

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