, love at first sight

Ahh, love! Candlelight dinner, violins, a full moon, warm weather, near the sea? Who would say no to that?

But how does one sell something as abstract as love? With huge helpings of persuasion. At Match they are aware of it, and do it very well.

Basically, the world is divided into hardcore romantics (the ones who think of love in terms of bunches of flowers and poetry) and those who see it in more practical terms (we like each other, we get on well, so let’s get down to business). Match has a solution for both of them.

For hardcore romantics?

Their faith in love is blind: tell them stories and you will persuade them. They are the ones that the success stories which fill the portal with hope are directed at: couples who have met through Match and who are very happy. Like Oscar and Anna who fell in love in 4 days, or Esther and Xavi who met through Match and have been married for 3 years? as deeply in love as when they were first married! A whole gallery of those fortunate enough to have felt Cupid?s dart, all interspersed with good arguments: about its cost: ?For the same price as a drink in a bar you can meet thousands of lovely, interesting people?; or driving away the idea that these websites are a nesting place for freaks: ?If I?m here, why can?t there be someone else looking for the same things as me?

For the hugely practical?

They see love in terms of a cost/benefit ratio: show them what you are offering and how easy it is to get it and you will persuade them. This is where the classic idea of ?pulling? works, with all the advantages that the Internet has to offer: classification of information to get to the things we want fastest. So let?s get down to the nitty-gritty. Right from the start, people are classified by sex, age and location. This is where we find the first inducement: the photos (because that stuff about ?it?s what?s inside that counts? just doesn?t wash). If we like what we see, we have a short presentation of the person to look at. So far it?s all free and very tempting: we are hooked, and now is the time to ask us to register. It will be hard for us to resist.

And in case they still need more?

In Match they offer testimonies and guarantees. To start with, the testimonies of a large number of people who are already using the service: more than 24,000 people currently online (on a weekday, at 6 p.m.). And how it?s not the amount but the quality that matters most: 75% of those registered claim to be looking for a serious relationship (it appears that Match couples end up getting married twice as often as those in other portals).

And if, after all this, we are still dithering, Match keeps an ace up its sleeve. They are so sure that their system works that they even offer guarantees: ?if you haven?t found anyone special in 6 months, you get another 6 months free”.

So that’s that: romantic dinners all round. If you don?t fill your life with love, it?s because you don?t really want to. You have been warned.

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