Persuadability and moving pictures

There can?t be many of us who doubt that a picture paints a thousand words. The Internet has gotten us used to the idea. But moving pictures (video) have found their own starter?s pistol with the most pleasant surprise so far in 2006: Youtube, a publication and viewing service for all kinds of videos which has far exceeded 35,000 new videos (on 250 terabytes) a day.

We are now used to seeing more and more moving pictures on the internet, and this will force us Internet marketers and communicators to include videos as part of the browsing experience. Video is an obvious resource for persuading users and surfers.

We can see it in action in projects like Las Lomas Village:

Although probably one of the most delicious examples I have had the opportunity of seeing is the “video vendor” that Orange provides to offer us its land-line or cell phone plans.

It?s well worth seeing. And particularly, the purchasing experience it offers us. But we will refer to that in more detail in an upcoming post.

We must get our skates on and pull out the film director inside each of us and take our first steps in putting videos out over the Web. The Internet of the future will be video or nothing.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles