Persuadability wins over hearts in Berlin

Last weekend, persuadability took a stroll through Berlin on the arm of Ariel Guersenzvaig, one of Multiplica?s partners, in the Second Summit Conference on Information Architecture.

Under the motto ?Building our practice?, this year?s congress brought together experts in this area with the intention of creating a space for European professionals specialising in information architecture to exchange ideas. It was, then, the ideal place to feel the pulse of new trends in this sector on our continent.

Ariel?s conference focused on persuasive communication techniques to help turn users into clients, offering persuadability as the solution for solving the most common problems experienced with our online presence: unclear positioning, ?soft-sell?, unfortunate copy, experience of use calling for improvement, no calls to action and low levels of metrics. In short, a whole eObstacle race that we subject our users to.

Persuadability can solve the problem. How? Here it is; its very essence:

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