Learning persuadability on sex websites

The adult content industry seems to be a business living in a parallel dimension. It?s everywhere but no-one appears to see it. The same is true of the Internet, where sex is the theme that attracts most users and which deserves the least analysis. More than 30 million people go online every day to search for explicit sex-related images on any of the 260 million webpages offering pornography, according to a study conducted by N2H2 last year. According to Forbes magazine, about 250 million people all over the world consume the products and services of this industry, which registers profits of about US$ 60 billion a year. An industry which paid US$ 12 million for Sex.com, the most expensive domain in history.

The sex industry has much in common with persuadability, beyond how sex manages to ?persuade us?. This is because the multi-brand strategy that most of the players follow leads them to pursue commercially very aggressive online presences to retain and convert their ?sensitive? user. You need only visit webpages like School Girls First Time, Lola Latina or Love that booty – I only did so purely for professional reasons : ) ? to appreciate how we can learn persuadability on such websites.

Just for starters, the homepage of Sexole.com is a clear example of persuasion in just a few seconds, since it manages to explain its explicit value proposal (its tenth anniversary) visually (1), with an irresistible promotion: 24h free product test (2), it shows us the product in a very suggestive manner (3), calls to action are repeated and forceful (4), it uses video to sell us its product and show us a huge variety of possibilities and it uses figures (5). A good, clear example of persuadability.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles