Time for tweaking

We are fast reaching a point of Internet maturity in some organisations that the dynamics of re-designing our online presence every 18 months does not seem to be the way forward for the future. Companies like la Caixa, Iberia or bodies like Barcelona Town Council or the Generalitat de Catalunya cannot ? given the complexity and extent of such a project ? consider the possibility of such an undertaking every so often.

So the model for the future will focus on tweaking, with our online presence as the central axis of our work. With a sufficiently-robust information architecture checked out with our users (and so with the learning curve already firmly behind us) and clean and intelligent programming (with CSS, style books,…) which will allow us to make aesthetic changes without involving excessive effort, we will focus our energy on improving small elements of our website to achieve better convertibility ratios.

Today, this very Monday, we are going to introduce one such change. We intend taking real-time measurements to see the improvement we achieve. Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will test the change and so on, until we reach perfect conversion. The best way of improving is to create scenarios on our websites were we can test very specific improvements in real-time and with only a slight financial risk.

That is why tools such as Site Spect or Offermatica are starting to appear. These let you perform A/B or multi-variable tests in ASP mode, with a very low level of complexity.

The future of persuadability is to manage this kind of solution, letting the market be the one to help us understand what works best and what doesn?t. At this point, tweaking will be our most enriching prospect and will help us understand exactly what persuadability is.

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