Time for tweaking with Google

Just three days ago we referred to the importance of tweaking and the tools which help us perform an easy, multi-variable test to try out different messages and visual elements to improve the convertibility of our online presence.

Well, just yesterday, Google ? in the eMetrics Summit held in Washington D.C. ? launched Google Website Optimizer, a beta application for testing different proposals for titles, promotions, images or text on landing pages in real time, and which shows us which combination of these produces the best results.

As if Google had not already done enough with launching its free Google Analytics, a tool which provides a more-than-sufficient response to online companies? metrics requirements, it now launches a solution which allows its Adwords clients to take more intelligent decisions and improve their Internet ROI.

The news has caused an uproar, as we can see, among some of the companies which offer similar solutions at a price The fact is that Google is blowing the market for online metrics wide open with an extremely challenging attitude for the entire sector, since it puts them all to the test and forces them to specialise or develop new value layers. We?ll see what happens in the future. Meanwhile, we can learn persuadability live and ? like everything that Google does – Free of charge!


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