The persuadability super-professional

After listening to an interview recently given by Bryan Eisenberg of Futurenow , one of the most active people in the world of persuadability (although he calls it ?persuasive architecture?), I concluded that the conversion marketing which we practice from the perspective of persuadability brings with it the need for a professional person with exceptional skills and knowledge: the persuadability super-professional.

The fact is that in a clearly multimedia and interactive world which will surround us more and more with fridges which can do the shopping, interactive TV’s offering entertainment for the whole family, automatic secretary-ATM’s – supermarkets or mobile phones -, we will need professionals who have developed – in what we will remember as ?the age of the Internet” (1990-2015, approximately) – ways to make the user perform a specific action.

The old models of traditional, intrusive marketing will be replaced with models which know about the experience of using digital applications and which also know more about persuasion and the generation of positive pressure in the client, an understanding of the rational and emotional detonators that the potential clients have and a natural-born instinct for the art of selling.

The world will be begging for these new super-professionals, and we have about 10 years left to understand better than anyone else how to increase Net conversion ratios dramatically.

If you are, or want to be, a persuadability super-professional, contact me: david@

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