Persuadability on both sides of the puddle.

These last few days we have been really busy. In less than a week, we gave a course which condensed more than 120 pieces of advice on how to improve persuadability and conversion on a website to more than 170 professionals and managers of the most important companies in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Barcelona, and so that they still feel like they want to go on studying what we have come to refer to as “persuadability”.

As proof that we are starting to feel persuadability coursing through our veins, we decided to close each of the sessions with the following card:

We were given the card back on the way out of the respective auditoriums and we gave them the Multiplica Sound System CD, a compilation of songs which express what we understand the Multiplica brand to mean.

Most of the attendees were extremely eager to get their hands on this entertaining music CD. But the best thing of all was that nobody ticked the first option, approximately 5% ticked the second and 95% of all those attending ticked the third. We suppose, then, that we have their permission to contact them to see how we can start working side-by-side.

We will be thrilled if you invite us to give our course on persuadability in other parts of the world. You have only to ask.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles