Financial persuadability

Although obvious ? if we surf worldwide Internet banking sites – there are very few in the finance sector which comply with the 15 basic principles of persuadability:

– Speak in words that the user will understand [1]. There is no reason why the user should understand banking terms. Explain your offer clearly and simply, with words that the lay user, the man in the street, understands.

– Speak to the user from the perspective of his needs and objectives [2]. The user does not need a housing account or a deposit; he needs a flat or savings. Think about what he needs. Show him objectives and explain how to achieve them.

– Tell me what makes you the best [3]. Do you use figures to show your position? Do you refer to your service? Do you use your star products? Make it clear from the start what your value proposal is and how you stand out from the competition.

– Establish a dialogue with the client [4]. What are you offering him? Do you make it quite clear?

? Try to empathise with the user [5]. With the best design to reach your target audience, with texts which show that you understand what they need and with calls to action to get them involved.

? Add intelligence to Internet banking [6]. Suggest products on the basis of each client?s specific situation and conduct.

? Simplify the experience for your user [7]. If the user is mainly going to log in, generate a clear, direct focus for his attention. Create a simple, intuitive experience. Give them fast, immediate links and structure the content from the user?s point of view, with an orderly, logical offer. Create a unique experience where you can refer to your products and campaigns without needing to create unlinked microsites. Find out exactly where you fit in among the differently-branded banks.

? Simplify transactions [8] (transfers, rescues, contributions?).

? Help the user with his calculations [9]. Simulators for calculating how much money it will cost to open an account or a deposit ensure that the user has a clearer idea of what buying a product will mean. Use 2.0 web development logic to offer simulations which can be operated with just a mouse.

? Transmit the idea of security [10]. Internet banking is the ideal place to showcase your security measures. Explain clearly why Internet transactions are risk-free on your website and, if you can, make statements and give guarantees to gain his confidence.

? Be transparent [11]. The small print? Error messages? Explain them simply and clearly. Check what the user might find to be muddy and find the best way to solve this.

? Pay attention to your customer service [12]. In the same way that the user feels comfortable in physical branch offices, the user must also feel that he is being dealt with appropriately over the Internet: with the most options for establishing contact and encouraging him to ask questions. Customise the simulation tools to generate a better purchasing experience with your clients.

? Always clear up any doubts the user may have [13]. During the process of providing product information, anticipate what kind of doubts he may have and clear them up.

? Create special online products [14]. If you want to boost online products and transactions, offer products and special offers for the Internet.

? Make your offers tempting [15]. Contextualise products and offers, make sure that they are for a limited time only.

Which Internet banking services do you think comply with most of these? I promise to respond to anyone providing me with at least one reference.

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