Writing to sell

Probably one of the best books that I read in my development as a professional was Web Copy that sells by Maria Veloso Here are the first things I was happy to find in it:

  1. Get an e-mail address whenever you can.
    Not doing so reduces the probability that people will buy on their first visit enormously.
  2. Ask questions in the text.
    When you ask questions, the brain is forced to look for an answer.
  3. Use credible testimonials.
    Particularly on the first screens or on the check-out forms. The user is too busy to think that they might be made up.
  4. Write so that your text scans easily.
    With bullet points, bold type, meaningful headings, with one idea per paragraph, and always start with the important point you are trying to make.
  5. Words tell, emotion sells.
    Make use of drama or fear to get people to purchase your product or service.
  6. Always give me a reason.
    When we are given a motive or a reason (no matter how absurd), we respond better than if we don?t get one.
  7. Eliminate visual noise in the linear flow.
    If we want to drive the user towards a specific point, avoid links or buttons which could distract him/her along the way.
  8. Create expectations with your text.
    Make the user want to go from link to link, creating a desire to learn more.
  9. Learn NLP and use some of its more basic tactics when writing.
  10. Involve the user.
    Creating uses which force the potential customer to imagine the benefit of the service or product you are offering.
  11. Present your value proposal forcefully.
    Showing that you are different, unique, worth more than your competitors.
  12. The early paragraphs count.
    Make sure that the first lines make you sufficiently interesting for the reader you are addressing.
  13. Think carefully about when you need to address the price issue. Never before presenting your product or service clearly and adequately.
  14. Give me guarantees.
    Give me peace of mind, so that I will know that I can?t go wrong. And if I make a mistake, let me back-peddle.
  15. All forms must follow the following format
    1. Check-box
    2. Summary of the product or service to be purchased (with its promotion, guarantee,?).
    3. Price and discount (if any)
    4. Items which make me feel secure with this online transaction.
    5. How the product will be delivered.
    6. Testimonial to reinforce the purchase

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