Online persuasion and offline business

The people responsible for the Internet within a huge range of companies – particularly in the distribution and retail or banking sectors – are obviously very worried about their online sales – particularly when their bonuses and variable payments depend on them :-).

They do everything they possibly can to close the deal from the webpage itself without paying much attention to (or claiming responsibility for) the enormous influence that the Internet has when it comes to taking decisions to purchase new products or services, EVEN THOUGH THE ACTUAL PURCHASE MAY TAKE PLACE OFFLINE.

Some statistics from DoubleClick that we need to be aware of:

  1. According to the latest study last July, after questioning 6,121 U.S. citizens, the Internet (18%) ? on average and across the board ? superseded having seen a particular product in a store (16%) or word-of-mouth (14%) as the factor which most influenced their decision.


  1. The Internet is stampeding ahead in the tourism sector, scoring 53% as the most influential element, if we include search engines, banners, newsletters and the websites themselves.


  1. And, according to the same study conducted the year before, in the finance sector bank websites have a greater power to influence decisions and provide information than a visit to their offices.


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