Who wouldn?t want to try this car?

I am grateful to Ana ? a colleague here at Multiplica ? for pointing me towards a delicious website which has reminded me of the times I have thought about how to approach an Internet presence for a brand of car.

The site in question is Lancia?s: http://www.lanciavyp.it/

Although we have already discussed how sex helps to sell and persuade, Lancia VYP?s example is simply sensational, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, understanding that the number-one goal of a website for a brand of car ? beyond showing us everything the car can do ? is to get the user to show an interest in test-driving one of the models. Secondly, because it offers an extremely simple and persuasive experience which gives surfers of both sexes what they need – in a fun, sensual way – so that we can’t help but give our contact details and access the extraordinary content.

The imagery and music is sensational and the integration of the mobile is extremely intelligent. High levels of persuasion and interactiveness in the best possible sense for a large consumer brand.

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