Persuadability in my e-mail

I have received several e-mails in my In Tray lately which have shown me how important persuasive e-mails are to get me interested in some of the things they offer and – why not? ? to get me to take part. The fact is that, although we receive huge amounts of useless e-mails every day, which we delete without even reading them, e-mails can be an excellent tool for convincing us, because they can be very personal and contextualised.

Here are just a couple of examples.

Ever since Hillary Clinton started up her online campaign I have been signed up for her Newsletter. Last week, Hillary proposed an ambitious fund-raising objective: ?1 week, 1 million?. The online strategy included several different e-mails, the idea behind which was to generate excitement about Hillary?s project. To do this, I received some e-mails signed by leading figures from the Democrat party (no less than the former president Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright) explaining why Hillary is the best option for President ? although always with that personal, emotive touch ? and why we, as her followers, are so important for the campaign to be successful.


Another good example comes from the field of eCommerce. After registering with the Overstock website and putting some products in the shopping basket, I left the site without completing the purchase. The next day I got the following e-mail:

What they are doing here is to make it easy to buy their products. That is why these attention-getters which invite me to purchase are so clear, and so are the arguments to reinforce the online purchase: shipping costs, guarantee of getting the best online price and very few items in stock (to generate the feeling of urgency). There was only one failing: instead of saying ?dear customer? they would have done better to use my name. That way I would feel more special. 😉

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles