Persuadability in the ?Ojo Buscador? Conference

How does Chanchi the tadpole turn into a frog? Or, similarly, how do our users turn into customers? To explain this process of metamorphosis, Ariel Guersenzvaig, one of Multiplica?s partners, talked to us about persuadability in the Ojo Buscador conference. The conference on search engines brought together more than 400 experts in Madrid.

Under the title ?Persuadability: seducing for conversion? (it appeared under the title Persuasion in the programme), Ariel Guersenzvaig took advantage of the last talk on Friday afternoon to explain why websites need persuadability and how best to apply it. Ariel?s conference was a resounding success. But because it is bad form for us to say so ourselves, here is a quote from the summary of the Conference which appeared in Blogoff:

?In spite of the scantily-descriptive title (?Persuasion”), the last talk of the conference in the IR and usability hall brought a wide audience. The speaker, Ariel Guersenzvaig, gave what, in my opinion, was a masterly presentation and achieved his objective of leaving a good taste in our mouths. On the one hand the technical part was impeccable, with an intelligent and original use of imagery which made us forget how tired we were and caught our attention. And on the other, the subject matter and the ideas he discussed were very juicy.

In general terms, Ariel wants web pages to be not just usable but also capable of persuading the visitor to stay and do what the web page wants him to. He quickly rejected the idea of deceiving people or using barely-ethical techniques, and referred more to the capacity a company has of reacting and adapting to user behaviour?.

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