Customers take the floor

One good principle of persuadability is the confidence we have in each other. As social beings, we tend to do what others do and also to believe what other members of society tell us. That?s why we ask people in the street how to get somewhere or what time it is. And we believe what they tell us.

One of the best practices in persuadability that I have learned by studying e-commerce is how important customers are in the sales argument for a company or product.

When online, we are on our own when faced with taking a decision. There is no salesperson standing in front of us, or friends, partners, etc. to be with us at such times. So we have two options: to trust what the company tells ? which raises a few doubts, because it is an interested party ? or to trust what the customers themselves say ? people ?like us? who have found themselves in the same situation as us when it came to buying something. What other people tell us, people who ? in principle ? have nothing to do with the brand, will seem more believable to us and make us feel more empathy. Online stores know this and on most of the websites we analysed, we found customer opinions.

Right in the middle of www2 and with video becoming a stronger and stronger, Buy offers us the solution which may well be the future of all online testimonials. Here its own users record videos talking about the products they have purchased and why they recommend them. The customers get their minutes of fame and Buy gets free spots for its products. A fair trade. And very useful for people who haven’t decided to take the plunge yet.

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