Tweaking your home page with Google Website Optimizer

On more than one occasion we have referred to Google Website Optimizer, an incredible solution for conducting multivariable tests on certain pages of our online presence, to improve our conversion ratios.


Here are 15 things that I would have no hesitation in testing on your home page.

  1. The prioritisation of offers, messages or services you wish to present (which ones should I use first of all? which ones should take second place?)
  2. The movement of the different promotional spaces or moving images, thinking about using slower movements or even static images.
  3. The products we want to highlight.
  4. The photos we are using of the products and services we want to offer.
  5. The inclusion of elements which help to remove brakes on conversion (such as free delivery for orders over a certain amount):
  6. How prices and savings are displayed.
  7. The design of the calls to action.
  8. The location and relevance of the calls.
  9. A revision of the central texts on the page (looking at the words most used in the search engines of users accessing the page from there).
  10. Font size.
  11. The texts associated to the images.
  12. The inclusion of elements which make us appear more credible and reliable (inclusion of figures, credible testimonials?).
  13. The expiry dates of certain offers or proposals (inclusion of dates associated to promotions to hook customers).
  14. The elimination of links or paths which distract the user from performing the action we want him/her to take.
  15. The content of highlighted and new items.

I?m sure you will be in for a few surprises and will pull down some of the sacred myths surrounding usability and persuadability.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles