Why do we shop?

It?s only five months to the next Buy Nothing Day (the day when we decide to spend at least 24 hours without buying anything as a sort of consumer-cleansing exercise in this capitalist and consumer-oriented world), and we thought that the list that Brian Eisenberg offers on Grokdotcom about why we shop was very interesting.

Here is his list, completed with 20 reasons. We buy?

  1. Out of necessity (the food we buy on a weekly basis at the supermarket).
  2. For convenience (the petrol that our car needs to run).
  3. To replace old or broken things with new ones (I?ve just remembered I need to buy a new heater).
  4. For prestige and status (or doesn’t anybody want the new iPhone?)
  5. Randomly, to feel better (women are specialists in using shopping as a kind of emotional food), particularly when we are depressed.
  6. Products on offer ? even if we don?t need them ? just because they are going cheaper.
  7. Often for their perceived value (I admit that I melted in the face of the Nintendo Wii).
  8. Out of real brand-addition
  9. To be flash-bang up-to-date and an early-adopter.
  10. Out of obligation (many of us would not take out car insurance policies if it were not compulsory).
  11. To impress everyone else (who hasn?t bought a really ?cool? CD to show your friends that you are “cool”, too?)
  12. To be a part of a social group or class (I admit it, as a teenager I loved to buy Lacoste or Mistral piques because of what they represented).
  13. Because of pressure from the people around us (as a father I have bought things to shut the kids up more than once).
  14. To give away (to say congratulations, thank you or sorry).
  15. To blend in: because everyone else is.
  16. For our personal and professional development.
  17. To feel more secure.
  18. As an investment (in works of art and some lucky people in flats and houses).
  19. When we might be sorry in the face of a product which could easily slip through our fingers.
  20. And out of addition and pure bad habit.

Considering why they buy us and in what context they buy us should shed some light on how to frame our sales arguments and how to convert more precisely.

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