Different needs. Different approaches.

There are very few webpages which do the tiresome but important work of attempting to discover who their different target audiences are and what use the products or services they offer are put to.

Based on this information, we can emphasize particular arguments and empathise and make friends with our audiences. The best way to do this is to look at two delicious examples.

One from Multiplica?s own experience, and another which we will use as a reference for the future. One is a furniture storage site (or rather, self-storage site); the other is about where to invest our money.

One is Bluespace (for whom we defined the architecture of their website a year ago); the other is Ahorro.com (with whom we have discussed copy more than ones).

Bluespace is well aware that the elements involved in the decision to lease space will differ substantially for individuals and companies, for people who need to move or people requiring a lumber-room (individuals) or needing to store files or stock (companies).

Ahorro.com understands whether its potential clients are stock-market investors or interested in investment funds, active traders, amateur investors or companies. All of them have very different needs and decision-making processes. It treats them all in a different way.

The fact is that, if we take a stroll through furniture storage websites, it is easy to talk about leasing space, with no further contextualisation.
The truth is that if we stroll through brokers? websites, it is easy to torment the clients with a thousand-and-one investment products with strange, hard-to-understand names.

Bravo Bluespace and Ahorro.com for trying to respond to very different requirements right from the homepage.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles