Shopping online to collect the product in-store

Every day, more and more people become ?multi-channel shoppers?. The first thing we all think is ?Search online to buy the product in the physical store?. However, the shops which are beginning to put a ?Buy online. Pick up in store? policy are different.

What we have here is a potential client whose main reason for shopping is a lack of time. Buying online and collecting the product in-store might be a good formula because of the benefits it provides as regards the increase in the average number of orders or the loyalty it generates.Joan Broughton, Deputy-Chairman of Multi-Channel strategy at REI (a sports and mountaineering equipment store) said that ?One out of every three people who buy something online will spend an additional USD90 in the store when they come to pick something up.” Tempting, isn?t it? In REI, one out of every 3 online purchases is collected from the store. It?s no joke.

There are many stores where the shoppers say that they have researched the details on the Internet in 30% of all cases before buying the product. This is a relevant fact to help measure and assess our conversion ratios.

According to an interesting document by Yantra, the advantages for the client and the establishment are:

There are now many stores which are thinking of using online shopping and in-store collection. Among them are Sears, CircuitCity or BestBuy. Some of them are creating in-car collection systems (as if it were a McAuto).

The future lies with multi-channel shopping. What will happen when we can use our mobile inside the store itself to scan products and see prices and offers to compare them with other online and offline stores and see on Google Maps how long it will take us to get to the store offering us the best price?

The objective now, on the Internet, is ?Get the Money?, regardless of whether the payment is made online or not, regardless of whether the client comes to pick up the product him/herself.

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