The magic of numbers

To persuade people, we have to be credible, particularly if we are facing a user who is visiting us for the first time and for whom our brand is not too familiar. And, without a doubt, one of the best ways to objectify our philosophy is through numbers.

Some people are convinced of this. Such as Idealista, the real-estate portal which has always taken the trouble to remind us of the multiple rankings it appears on, making it the undisputed leader, the 164,793 advertisements it has or the 412 new advertisements published yesterday, the 244,091 users who receive notifications or the 400,894 users who receive its property newsletter.  Mybestplay – one of our own sites, dedicated to linking up players, managers and clubs from all over the world ? is also convinced of this, and reminds us of the 93,038 online contacts which have occurred on its website, the 18,575 players and trainers and the 2,902 clubs and representatives who have already registered, or the short space of time elapsing between one new user registration and another. Vlex – a benchmark legal portal ? also blows its own trumpet in its new online version, referring to its 9,102 clients, 11,586,394 indexed documents, 48 editorials, its 9 languages and its presence in 12 countries.

This is something we don?t see in banks, insurance companies or airlines.

  • For example, on websites offering credit, wouldn’t you be interested to have a simulator which says: “12,347,297 people have already checked the best rate available to them on our website. What are you waiting for to try it???
  • Often when we are about to apply for a credit, we panic as to whether they will give it to us or not. At this point, wouldn?t it be useful to use a phrase (obviously automated) like: ?The last credit was granted 3 minutes ago.  What are you waiting for to apply for yours?”?
  • When querying a particular destination, apart from showing us the number of available seats, would it help to put more pressure on the user if we used a phrase like: ?This query has been made 12,873 times today??

Figures are a clear stimulation for the user. It may just be a small detail, but it can clearly incite the user to act.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles