Visualising our visits

Using eyetracking to perform a user test seems to be the best way of understanding what our users look at in their multiple paths through our website. However, not everyone can do this and it is hard to reach statistically-significant conclusions based on a test with a reduced number of users.

The analysis of what the people at Google Analytics have called ?Site superimposition? can give us a clear insight as to how our users behave on a specific webpage. At least, based on what links the users end up clicking. Aggregate data ? with no superimposition ? is difficult to interpret to find the best layout and to see whether our calls to action achieve what they set out to do.

However, the current difficulty lies in the fact that Google Analytics does not manage to present a correct superimposition of the site, since it is limited to static pages with standard links leading to content in another location on the same website and it still has problems with JavaScript links, URL redirecting, re-written URL filters or links to pages in subdomains.

In this sense, a few days ago I was shown Crazy Egg  – visualise your visitors (thanks, Enric), which focuses on letting you visualise where your users are clicking.

A free service for different pages and up to 1000 visits to each of these pages.

Very powerful because of its technical simplicity which offers excellent visualisation of your clicks.

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