The perfect link

The perfect link always displays all 10 of the features we refer to below?


1.   It is easy to see and it is quite obvious that it is a link. There is no point using links which are not underlined.  They provide no value at all and the only thing they do is confuse the user, who has to place the cursor on top to find out whether or not it is a link.

2.   It is easy to understand and uses words and expressions which are not misleading.

3.   It is direct and specific: ?Open an account?.

4.   It highlights advantages and benefits: Instead of ?Open an account?, we could say ?Start saving now?.

5.  It makes it clear why we should be clicking on it and manages to transmit how we will be feeling after clicking on it. On a dating website, instead of using ?Search?, we could say ?Find that special someone?.

6.   Start with a verb or a question. A verb indicates action (?Discover how much you can save with us?) and the question forces to user to look for an answer (?Do you want to know how much you can save??).

7.   It is not afraid to be long: If the explanation is longer, we don?t need to drop anything along the way.

8.   It is always in the right place.

9.   It generates a sense of urgency: ?Deadline? or ?Do it now”.

10.  It generates curiosity: ?Are you ready to discover the most intelligent way of investing? Come inside and find out”.

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