Haven?t you been to one of our persuadability sessions yet?

This September we will be giving you a new chance to do so. We will be in Madrid (on the 12th.) and in Barcelona (on the 13th.).

In the course of a morning, we will be explaining the latest developments in persuadability that we have undertaken in the last few months: new examples of the sites which are best at it and a few case histories of successes in which we have been working persuadability from here at Multiplica. We will also be telling you exactly what you need to know to take the best advantage of the statistics that your site offers.


09:30: Sign in

09:45: Introduction to persuadability

10:15: New key elements of persuadability (part 1)

  • With clear positioning
  • The issue of credibility and trust
  • With the image which best displays our personality
  • Adding marketing to information architecture
  • With content which converts
  • With seductive copy
  • Key calls to action
  • Creating a feeling of urgency
  • With customer support designed to convert

11:30: Coffee break

12:00: New key elements of persuadability (part 2)

13:00: Google Analytics: measuring for improvement

13:30: Google Website Optimizer: testing to see which combination works best

14:15: Closing session

Would you like to come? Tell us who you are and why you think that we should invite you. If you are persuasive enough, we’ll keep a place for you.

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