LBS: Persuasion in movement and in real-time

Insofar as more and more mobile devices provide wi-fi access to the Internet, so Location Based Services will become more and more relevant.

LBS is defined as a wi-fi service which uses geographically precise information to offer information to a user via his or her mobile device.
i.e. any kind of application which makes use of the location of a mobile terminal.

Within this type of service, we can make a distinction between:

  • Pull Services: The ones whose information is actively requested by the user at the time (e.g.: searching for the closest cash-point to my exact location.)
  • Push Services: The ones whose information has either not been requested or which has been requested indirectly.
    These services are enabled when a specific area is reached, so the supplier assumes that in that area, at that time, that particular user is potentially interested in taking advantage of that specific service.


In Spain, the law forbids sending unsolicited messages over the mobile phone.  That is why we can only use pull services and push services when the user has requested this service beforehand. For example, when I buy my plane ticket over the Internet, I would like to have the possibility, at the end of the process, of using an LBS push service through which, the minute I reach the airport, they send me a message asking me if I would like to check in automatically via my mobile phone.

Companies must bear in mind that we are currently in a time where technology is not the boss: consumers are. Technology is at the service of the growing demand for comfort, reducing unnecessary processes, efficiency and speed. And geomarketing is no more than the next step.

Let?s see how persuasive these location based services can be:

  • Geomarketing to direct the sales force of a company and improve its commercial capacity, making it more effective. Imagine the persuasive capacity of a network of salespeople with mobile devices receiving real-time information on prospects close to hand and who can, in turn, add input to the database via their devices so that the rest of the network can query it.
  • I am looking for an office. After a meeting, I receive a message from the real-estate agent. 200 metres away there is one which is perfectly suited to my requirements and, if I want, in 10 minutes salesperson ready to show it to me will be with me.
  • My mobile operator, to whom I have previously indicated which mobile I am interested in buying with my points, sends me a message when I am near to a shop where I can use my points and be using my new mobile within 5 minutes.


This exercise of imagining LBS services which save time and generate value (to the end user, to trade, to the employee?), and providing that they have asked for them in advance, should already be yet one more element in the multi-channel strategy of all innovative companies.

Do, check, adjust. Quick!

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