Does your search engine learn from your users?

On more than one occasion we have discussed how relevant internal search-engines are and what their impact might be on our conversion ratios, particularly in those potential clients who visit our site and already know what product they are looking for. You only need to ask the users who have shopped in your store and probably almost half of them will have used your internal search-engine.

More and more customers are using the internal search-engine as a resource, at least if we are to believe the Jupiter Research study, which shows that the most highly-valued function of online stores is, without a doubt, the possibility of being able to carry out advanced searches (with filters, sorting…).

But building a search-engine ? as we have discussed on many occasions – does not seem to be a trivial matter. An internal search-engine needs to be quick, relevant and reliable. For this, it is especially important for the search-engine to be able to update itself practically in real-time, or for it to be able to learn from behaviour observed in a search to be able to make one product or another more visible, based on the click-through rates it obtains in a search for a specific word or even the conversion it achieves.

Big stores already have people working on tweaking their search-engines, at least, that is what a survey performed by Aberdeen in February this year among 200 companies reveals.

But more-than-economical solutions are starting to appear ? for the return they might generate ? which allow us, in ASP mode, to have an internal search-engine which learns from the user?s behaviour and thus maximises the chance of it being relevant and converting the user.

We need look no further than the New Zealand company SLI Systems, which offers a truly complete internal search-engine solution which does not need any technical work from us and which will help us improve your results in a few short days. It is worth your while to take a look because – among other things – it offers us the chance of creating automatic metatags, based on the internal searches we receive and which have the best conversion ratios.

From here at Multiplica, we can help you to implement a solution like SLI Systems with no trouble.

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