New functions in Google Analytics

This morning, in the Washington eMetrics conference ? the mecca of Internet metrics the world over ? Google officially presented some delicious new things that Google Analytics offers and which I list below:

  1. New module for analysing how our customers use our internal search engines: what words they use, what conversions they generate, what refining they require?
  2. New module for tracking interactions on any video, AJAX, Flash, Silverlight or AIR video elements, tagging the objects and the actions that occur with them.
  3. Tracking of external links without using tags on the links.
  4. Automatic detection of secure server with the subsequent tag unification for http and https.
  5. And hot off the press: After several years? wait, Google launches the new version of Urchin 6.0 for $2995.

Good news for a tool ? Google Analytics ? which helps us understand how we can improve our pages? persuadability. From here at Multiplica, as an official Google Analytics partner, we shall continue to back this excellent solution.

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