Persuadability and search analytics

Up to now, search analytics has been the ugly duckling of online measuring.

The fact is that we pay scant attention to the searches (external and internal) that users perform around our Internet presence.

And it?s nothing to joke about because:

– Searching on our site is becoming more and more relevant compared with browsing (in e-commerce, intranets, on content webpages?). Last Christmas, half the users preferred to perform searches when they got to an online store.

– Users who search are up to 3 times more likely to become customers (WebsideStory).

– Users who can’t find are up to 3 times more likely to abandon our website (Enlighten).

As such, and thanks to a new function of Google Analytics on Site Search Analysis, we are going to have to pay more attention to 7 basic aspects:

  1. The percentage of visitors who perform a search and the number of searches per session to understand how relevant this is for our website.

  1. Our levels of conversion between users performing a search on our website against those who do not.
  2. Our levels of conversion with the most sought-for words.
  3. Categorisation of our keywords by theme, which will shed light on the most frequently-requested items or products, on the basis of seasonality and geographical origin.
  4. The web pages on which visitors use the internal search engine most and the words they use, to shed light on the content that we need to articulate on these pages.
  5. The effectiveness of our internal search engine, in the light of two basic metrics:
    1. The percentage of visitors who leave the site on the internal search engine?s results page.
    2. The percentage of queries in which we merely state ?0 results?.
  6. The capacity our search engine has to learn with the user and rank the results which give greater levels of click-through or even conversion better.

To understand what our users seek and how they search for it is to try and understand their needs and concerns. And at this point there can be no doubt how important it is to improve the persuadability levels of our webpages.

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