Can I help you?

In a few days? time, I shall be presenting the conclusions of the persuadability study on the banking industry, but as a taster I will say how much I recommend taking a look at Bank of America’s online presence.

The entire Bank of America site directs the user in the most exquisite of ways to the product which will be of most interest to him based on his requirements, through the use of all kinds of tools like an online chat with a pop-up window which appears as soon as we have been resting too long on the same page.

And this is a function that we are finding on more and more Internet presences and which try to get close to the user to minimise the probability of desertion. This also happens on Planet Outdoors or Overstock which also offer pre-active service.

We are even starting to see companies like Live Salesman which offer you a chance to outsource your online customer service by including products like Exit Chat, where they pro-actively address your users with the Chat system, depending on their behaviour, the length of time they have spent on the website or on a specific product or even their profiles or purchasing history. There are even solutions like UpSellit which can open the Assistant window when the user deserts our website from any form on our webpage.

On the market, solutions like Live Person, Talisma or Velaio offer proactive, online functions. However the key is to understand when exactly this pre-active sale technique will not be seen as too much of an interference. There are some scenarios in which it can undoubtedly help stop us losing a customer. For example, when the page has displayed some kind of error, our internal search engine returns 0 answers or sometimes when too long is being spent on the check-out process.

Do you think that this could be of any interest? Is it too intrusive?

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