Study of persuadability in online stores: RELEASED

A few months ago, we conducted a study where we analysed 30 online stores to see how they persuade their users through the 100 factors which define persuadability. Today we have decided to publish and release it.

The stores we analysed were:

The report ? which takes up more than 140 pages ? contains interesting observations and recommendations, so we have decided to release it.

Here?s the Top 10:

The table of contents of the report:

– Main conclusions and results

– Methodology and authors

– Persuadability and its key factors

– The 20 keys to online persuasion.

– Most common mistakes

– 12 lines of work

– The 30 stores: one by one.

Document size in .pdf format: 17 Mb.

Here?s the complete document. (in Spanish)

The only thing we are asking is for you to share it with anyone who can shed some light on how to improve the persuadability of an online store.

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