Learning from home shopping channels

Yesterday ? Sunday ? there I was, comfortably watching the TV, zapping away as usual when an advertisement from a home shopping channel caught my eye. Maybe it was the few excess pounds I have been carrying around for the last few weeks. Maybe it was wanting to learn how to persuade.

The fact is that the way in which they were selling me the Sit-Down Sit-Up Gym ? the way to get back that six-pack that we never had ? led me to write down 10 things that the Internet could learn from the world of the home shopping channel.

1. Attack the pain with a differential value proposal: ?Are you fed up with those spare tyres around your middle? Here?s real solution for you to radically improve your figure from the comfort of your own home and with a minimum of effort”.

2. Objectivation of the message: ?Scientifically proven: with Sit-Down Sit-Up Gym each sit-up is as effective as 10 sit-ups”.

3. Displaying the results clearly with the before and after photos of lots of other people who have already used the product: ?I lost 5 centimetres around the waist?.

4. Testimonials, testimonials and more testimonials. ?It?s fantastic?. ?It changed my life?.

5. The magic of images, combining models and instructors with normal people who have drastically improved their figures.

6. Displaying the phone number at all times and giving as many options as possible to contact them.

7. Responding to multiple archetypes (for people who don?t have time, for people who hate doing more exercise than necessary, for people who always push themselves?).

8. Without showing the price until you have shown all the benefits of the product over and over again.

9. Creating a feeling of urgency: ?Call now and you can get??

10. With every possible payment option, including instalments.

I was sorely tempted, at least to carry on watching home shopping channel advertisements and internalise details which will help me be more direct and conclusive in persuading users to become customers.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles